Sloping rear garden

hunt rear no frame.jpg
Hunt perspective view_edited.jpg
hunt rear cropped.jpg

This Wotton garden slopes steeply up away from the rear of the house. The aim was to overcome the level change, whilst creating a seating area near to the adjacent living rooms and open up the views up the length of the garden from ground floor windows. The initial level change has been achieved by a succession of overlapping terraces that lead to the main seating area. This has created a light and open area adjacent to the house and minimises the height of the retaining walls beyond. Planting in front of and beyond the retaining walls softens these elements and introduces visual interest and colour close to the house. The wider garden layout transitions to more organic and flowing forms that flow through to the open fields beyond the far end of the garden. A small vegetable garden, space for play equipment and an upper seating area that catches the evening sun are all incorporated into the design.