Small Front Garden

front garden 3.JPG

The top left image above shows how this very small front garden area was overgrown and unattractive, with just a narrow strip of pavers leading to the front door, a scruffy patch of lawn and some over-mature shrubs. The aim was to create a welcoming and uncluttered low maintenance space that looks attractive from the street and when viewed from within the house. A low timber retaining wall was used to deal with the slope across the plot with a broad, simple paved area below. An evergreen hedge along the front boundary creates a clear property boundary and screens parked cars along the adjacent access road area. Lush planting spills over the retaining wall. Planting is focused on leaf shape and texture with occasional bursts of colour, whilst large pots and planted containers furnish the space and create points of further interest. The end result is crisp and unclutered and makes the space appear much larger than it first appeared.