Jersey Garden

jersey axonometric.jpg
Jersey layout_edited.jpg
jersey entrance sketch.jpg
La Grande Maison pools.jpg
La Grande Maison cascades.jpg

Designs for this garden were completed whilst employed at Illman Young Design Ltd. This large garden was created from scratch around a new-build property. The design comprised a walled kitchen garden, dining terraces, a swimming pool, woodland gardens, herbaceous walks, lawns and lakes. Water features play a large part in the design and there are formal pools, cascades, fountains, rills and lakes. The garden slopes up from the house and the garden was terraced to accommodate this. Careful detailing of walls and steps made a positive feature of all level changes. I was responsible for all detailed layouts and hard-works detailing, which included bespoke stone balustrading. All images above are reproduced by kind permission of Illman Young Design Ltd, copyright holder.