Long, thin cottage garden

Miller Proposed layout Rev P1.jpg
Miller perspective view 1 flat.jpg
Miller perspective view 2 flat.jpg

This Wickwar garden is a long, thin plot lying beyond a terraced cottage. Existing paved, lawns, gravel and decked areas existed up the length of the garden, but they lacked unity and visual interest. Thin borders either side of the lawn accentuated the narrowness of the plot. The aim of the design was to retain the view from one end of the garden to the other, but add 'punctuation points' and focal points to interrupt this view. A primary aim was also to link the various areas by unifying the materials palette. The lawn area has been divided in two and given a stronger shape with wider planting borders beyond. The two lawn areas are separated by an area of feature paving, rose arches and low clipped hedges. An existing gravel area has been developed into a gravel garden; natural stone paving weaves through mixed perennials and grasses as a route to the decked area beyond.