Leonards Stanley new build


This small garden on a new housing development in Gloucestershire was an awkwardly shaped plot where none of the garden boundaries or house walls related to each other. The brief was to create a family friendly garden that would accommodate play space for young children and attractive areas for outdoor socialising. The design had to work in the short term, whilst also accommodating future plans for an extension. The design hinges on creating a new, strong geometry within the space that ties all the elements together as one coherant layout. A central lawn provides the required open play space, which is bordered by raised planting beds and paved terraces. A gravel garden alongside the detached garage is a practical element, providing access to the garage and side gate, whilst also creating a positive feature in its own right. A small pergola springs from the house corner and frames views to a feature tree and planting area as well as creaiting a link with a small side return area