Charfield Garden

The brief for this garden was to create a social and dining space outside of the new family room at the back of the house. There was also a desire to create more of a sense of seclusion, as over the years several over-mature shrubs and trees had been removed with the result that the garden was overlooked by surrounding properties and enclosed by bare fencing. The main focus of the design is a stone terrace immediately next to the doors from the house, with offset steps on the diagonal stepping down on to the lawn. A smaller, more secluded seating area, that would be shaded in the afternoon by planted screens and a pergola, lies just off the terrace. Formal clipped hedging wraps around the main terrace to create separation and structure during the winter months, whilst borders around the lawn are widened to create space for large shrubs and small trees to create the desired seclusion. Large feature pots create points of interest around the garden. Bespoke, slatted timber screens off-set from each other block views of the bin store area whilst maintaining easy access.