A plant lovers garden in Wickwar

Addison layout.jpg
ADDISON gravel garden layout.jpg
ADDISON axon sketch colour ISSUE.jpg

My clients for this scheme are real plant lovers. They had recently moved to the property and the existing garden was a blank canvas apart from some mature trees along the rear boundary. The garden needed to have plenty of plant borders to accommodate their plant collection carefully potted up from their previous property. The garden slopes up from the house. Low retaining walls and three sets of wide, gentle steps create a broad terrace alongside the house and an attractive transition to the higher lawned and planted areas. An attractive timber greenhouse is a focal point at the end of the garden, visible from the conservatory, and is set within a further terrace area to catch the evening sun. A pond, a woodland garden, a sunny gravel garden and open borders create a range of micro-climates for planting.