School Courtyard

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school courtyard plan.jpg
school courtyard pergola.jpg

This courtyard design was for a primary school. The brief was for the courtyard to be a multifunctional space so that all parts of the school could benefit and the courtyard could be used for play and teaching. It also needed to look attractive from the adjacent classrooms and be low maintenance. It was divided in two by a corridor; one side was for the early years provision and the other for all remaining school years. The design allowed for outdoor teaching, guided and free play. There was also an open area at the library end to allow loose furniture to be brought outside and arranged to suit class or small group activities. The central feature of the main courtyard is an arrangement of raised beds and a pergola. The walls to the raised beds have integral bench seating under the pergola to allow for quiet play or an outdoor class session. A level change under the pergola opens out to some broad, curved steps that create a stage area with space for audience seating beyond.