Charfield Garden II

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The existing garden at this property has a small paved patio area adjacent to the house bordering a very long, rectangular lawn. Alongside the existing paved area lies an expansive block paved drive area, used for storage and clothes drying, that dominates views from the house and the seating area. The brief was to create a larger terrace area and look at linking this with the lawn beyond. The key feature of the design is an enlarged, elegant, curved terrace area. The lines of the terrace flow seamlessly into broad, sweeping mixed planting borders alongside the lawn. A substantial portion of the existing block paved drive area is to be removed to create a further planting area. This separates the terrace from the more functional drive area beyond. Small trees and feature screen panels are incorporated into the design to add vertical interest. An existing mature apple tree within the lawn is highlighted as a feature with the addition of a sculptural bench, shade loving meadow plants and feature lighting under its canopy. The sweeps and curves of the terrace are highlighted with feature banding within the paving pattern, adding additional visual interest with minimal extra cost.